Lesson Learned

I was SO excited about wearing my new Parisian shoes yesterday.


Don’t wear new shoes around Paris. After walking to the metro stop, walking through the station, walking to school, walking to the cafe for lunch, back to school, then back to the metro stop, and then walking home (which is the least I do an any given weekday), my feet feel used and abused. They feel even worse trying to establish themselves in new, stiff, shoes, while I march up and down les rues.

So, this morning when I woke up, I decided to try something new. I put on three pairs of thick socks, grabbed a hair dyer, and went to work blow-drying my shoes. Less than 5 minutes later, my feet started to feel less squished, and I turned the hair dryer off. I’ve kept the socks and shoes on in an effort to “maintain” the stretch (is that actually a thing?) even as the shoes cool down.

A happy ending and a lesson learned. I will not wear new shoes around Paris.